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Spots get selected as provincial waterside sights2017-03-09

Recently, four of Taicang’s communities were included on the list of most attractive riverside tourist destinations in Jiangsu province.

Taicang unveils annual chrysanthemum show2016-11-02

Taicang's Nanyuan Garden started its staging of chrysanthemum show on Oct 27.

Lotus flowers blossom in Nanyuan Garden, Taicang2016-07-07

Nanyuan Garden in Taicang, East China's Jiangsu province is staging its annual lotus and water lily show, which started on July 1 and will last for one month.

Yangtze Delta Tourism Resort2016-07-07

The Yangtze Delta Tourism Resort is located in Liuhe town, Taicang, East China's Jiangsu province, and covers an area of 16 square kilometers.

Nanyuan Garden2016-04-07

This garden was built during the Emperor Wanli's reign for Wang Xijue, a high government official so that he could attend to government affairs amidst in a beautiful, aesthetic setting.

Flowers and forest2016-03-28

In the village of Yongfeng in Taicang city, Orychophragmus violaceus meadows and Metasequoia forest make for a must-see view in the spring.

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