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Traditional local breakfast offers good start to the day2018-02-06

Wonton, fried twisted sticks, glutinous rice rolls and soybean milk are the most common breakfasts in Taicang.

Savor snacks at Taicang's ancient town2017-10-24

Imagine a 1,500-meters street lined with snack stores and delicacies, which is certainly a delightful sight for foodies. The Three Mile (1,500 meters) Street in Taicang's ancient Shaxi town can satisfy all the imaginations.

Locally sourced tasty fish dishes2017-05-09

The location of Taicang near to the estuary of the Yangtze River means the Jiangsu province city is well-known nationally both for its waterside landscapes and rich abundance of seafood and fresh water fish.

A bite of Suzhou, light diet in summer2016-07-14

Here are some of the best vegetarian restaurants in Suzhou serving up local produce.

Shaxi Old Town has a hidden secret: Crabapple pastries2016-04-25

Venture deep into the heart of Shaxi old town and you might stumble across a century-old pastry store famous for serving up a traditional crabapple cake called haitanggao.

One legacy snack store in Shaxi town2016-04-19

Shaxi town is littered with stores selling snacks. From cakes and puddings to glutinous rice balls, all kinds of traditional types of desserts can be found there.

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