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Savor snacks at Taicang's ancient town2017-10-24

Imagine a 1,500-meters street lined with snack stores and delicacies, which is certainly a delightful sight for foodies. The Three Mile (1,500 meters) Street in Taicang's ancient Shaxi town can satisfy all the imaginations.

Locally sourced tasty fish dishes2017-05-09

The location of Taicang near to the estuary of the Yangtze River means the Jiangsu province city is well-known nationally both for its waterside landscapes and rich abundance of seafood and fresh water fish.

A bite of Suzhou, light diet in summer2016-07-14

Here are some of the best vegetarian restaurants in Suzhou serving up local produce.

Shaxi Old Town has a hidden secret: Crabapple pastries2016-04-25

Venture deep into the heart of Shaxi old town and you might stumble across a century-old pastry store famous for serving up a traditional crabapple cake called haitanggao.

One legacy snack store in Shaxi town2016-04-19

Shaxi town is littered with stores selling snacks. From cakes and puddings to glutinous rice balls, all kinds of traditional types of desserts can be found there.

Local snack store offers taste of countryside2016-01-27

Local residents have sold traditional snacks for Spring Festival for more than 30 years in Taicang, Jiangsu province.

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