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Hidden-away stores keep authentic Taicang delicacies2018-04-09

People often say that to know a city you need to start with its delicacies.

To reserve taste of old Huangjing for locals2018-04-04

Love that can stand the test of time is the best and the truest one and so is the case with delicacies.

Saury: ready for foodies2018-03-29

As everything comes back to life in the vibrant spring, people's longing for fishes in the Yangtze River also revives.

Right time for tasty globefish2018-03-29

There's a saying in Taicang that one can't really taste the flavor of fish without eating globefish and after eating globefish, one will ignore other fishes.

One-year waiting for green rice balls2018-03-29

Speaking of spring's delicacies in Taicang, green rice balls is definitely the first thing that pops into the minds of the local residents.

Traditional local breakfast offers good start to the day2018-02-06

Wonton, fried twisted sticks, glutinous rice rolls and soybean milk are the most common breakfasts in Taicang.

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