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Construction starts on new landmark in free trade zone 2020-04-09

Construction started on Zhongjun World City, a commercial and residential complex, in the Zhangjiagang Free Trade Zone on March 31.

Zhangjiagang Bonded Zone 2019-03-19

Zhangjiagang Bonded Zone was established in 1992 following the State Council's approval, to be among the first batch of special customs supervision zones.

Zhangjiagang High-tech Industrial Development Zone 2019-03-19

Construction of the Zhangjiagang High-tech Industrial Development Zone (ZHIDZ) began on November 12, 2015 after the approval of the Jiangsu government. It covers an area of 23.1 square kilometers.

Yangtze Metallurgical Industrial Park 2019-03-19

As a industrial park in Jinfeng Town, Zhangjiagang,YMIP has been named National Civilized Town title for consecutive years.

Zhangjiagang Economic & Technological Development Zone 2019-03-19

ZhangjiagangEconomic & Technological Development Zone surrounds Zhangjiagang city and covers an area of 153 square kilometers, with a population of 530,000.

Industrial parks in local towns 2019-03-19

Zhangjiagang boasts a number of parks in local towns.

Zhangjiagang Modern Agricultural Demonstration Park 2019-03-19

Zhangjiagang Modern Agricultural Demonstration Park was renamed in October 2008. It aims to become a modern ecological park featuring ecological agriculture industries such as scaled planting, mechanization agriculture and tourism agriculture.

Zhangjiagang Korean Industrial Park 2019-03-19

Zhangjiagang Korean Industrial Park is located in Fenghuang town of Zhangjiagang city at the south gate of the city.

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