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Zhangjiagang moves to ensure stable development of foreign trade 2020-02-10

Zhangjiagang in East China's Jiangsu province rolled out a series of measures on Feb 9 to help foreign trade companies get through the ongoing virus prevention and control period which might affect their businesses.

Zhangjiagang looks to attract more talents in Beijing 2019-05-07

Zhangjiagang Economic & Technological Development Zone held an promotional conference for investment in Beijing on April 28.

Preferential taxation policy 2019-02-12

Enterprises with focused encouraged products in Zhangjiagang can enjoy certain preferential treatment in regards to enterprise income tax and added-value tax.

Zhangjiagang port imports copper concentrate ore for 1st time 2018-06-25

A cargo ship from Laos carrying copper concentrate ore was recently unloaded at Zhangjiagang port, Jiangsu province, the first time that the port has imported the material.

Leyu to build overseas Chinese exchange center 2018-05-23

A launch ceremony for the establishment of the Leyu Overseas Chinese Innovation Exchange Center was held in Zhangjiagang's Leyu town on May 22.

Zhangjiagang to promote innovation in Japan 2018-05-18

Zhangjiagang will host its talent and intelligence docking meeting at the University of Tofyo in Japan on May 20.

Service outsourcing policy 2018-05-02

Advanced technology service enterprises will receive a 15 percent reduction in their business income tax.

Zhangjiagang highlights talent policies at international exchange conference 2018-04-16

A Zhangjiagang delegation attended the 16th conference on international exchange of professionals held in Shenzhen, Guangdong province on April 14.

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