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Zhangjiagang economy: steady growth, better structure 2018-02-01

The Zhangjiagang Statistics Bureau announced at an economic performance news briefing held on Jan 29 that the city's economy saw steady growth in 2017.

Zhangjiagang company shines in CES at Las Vegas 2018-01-19

Kangdexin Composite Material Group (KDX) in Zhangjiagang, East Jiangsu province attended Consumer Electronics Show (CES) held in Las Vegas on Jan 9-12.

Zhangjiagang pet food exported to Israel 2018-01-12

A container of pet food was shipped from Zhangjiagang port, East of Jiangsu province to Israel on Dec 21.

Zhangjiagang economic overview 2013-02-28

Located on the south bank downstream of the Yangtze River, Zhangjiagang is an emerging industrial port city where two economic belts meet.

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