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Huangjing Town2012-03-08

Located at northeast Taicang, Huangjing town is located in the planned area of Taicang Port. The town enjoys a coastline of 11.8 km along the Yangtze River.

Fuqiao Town2012-03-08

Located at the central area of the Port Area of Taicang Port Economic Development Zone, Fuqiao town is 30 kilometers away from downtown Taicang.

Liuhe Town2012-03-08

Liuhe town is the first town in the Yangtze River estuary, the starting point for Zheng He’s seven voyages (Zheng He was a great navigator in the Ming Dynasty, 1368-1644), and the hometown of the famous physics scientist Chienshiung Wu and painting master Zhu Qizhan.

Shaxi Town2012-03-08

Located in central and north Taicang, Shaxi town, covering an area of 126.7 square kilometers, consists of 20 villager committees and eight neighborhood committees with a permanent resident population of 85,000 and a floating population of about 68,000.

Chengxiang Town2012-03-08

Chengxiang town covers an area of 85.71 square kilometers. It consists of six villager committees and 22 neighborhood committees, with a permanent resident population of 94,000 and a floating population of 79,000.

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