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Admire gorgeous royal antiques in Taicang2019-05-15

More than 100 royal antiques of Qing Dynasty (1644-1911) collected by Nanjing Museum are on display at Taicang Museum from May to September 1, local media reported.

Taicang hosts annual entrepreneurship promotion month2019-05-14

The annual Taicang Innovation and Entrepreneurship Promotion Month was launched in the city on May 13, which will run through the whole May.

2019 IAAF Race Walking Challenge held in Taicang2019-05-13

The 2019 IAAF Race Walking Challenge kicked off in Taicang, Jiangsu province on May 11, marking the beginning of the qualification trials for the 20 kilometer race of the world championships.

Italian city hosts theme activities in Taicang2019-04-15

Italian city Macerata hosted its first namesake festival in Taicang, Jiangsu province from April 10 to 13, local media reported on April 14.

Admire painting, calligraphy exhibition at Taicang Museum2019-03-29

An exhibition showcasing traditional Chinese painting and calligraphy works are underway at Taicang Museum in Jiangsu province, which will run until April 28.

Admire Yixing zisha teapots at Taicang Museum2019-03-06

An exhibition showcasing delicate Yixing zisha (or purple clay) teapots is being held at Taicang Museum, Jiangsu province from March 1 to 24.

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