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Taicang port sees double-digit growth in container handling2019-03-21

The container throughput of Taicang port in Jiangsu province saw double-digit growth in the first two months of 2019, local media reported on March 19.

Taicang to open overseas talent office in the US2019-03-20

Zhang Wei, a Taicang born American, plans to establish an overseas talent office in the United States in collaboration with the Taicang Overseas Chinese Federation, local media reported on March 18.

Taicang posts steady growth in foreign investment2019-03-18

The foreign investment in Taicang, Jiangsu province registered rapid growth in February, according to local market supervision bureau.

Take a bite of spring in Taicang2019-03-15

When spring approaches, Taicang natives start "eating" spring, that is , to eat seasonal vegetables.

Enjoy delicious pot-stewed duck in Taicang2019-03-12

Wandering around the ancient Liuhe town in Taicang, one is inevitably attracted by a seductive fragrance.

Taicang scientist receives national women's title2019-03-11

Zhang Xumei, a scientist working in Taicang, Jiangsu province, has been honored with the title of National Pace Setter from the All-China Women's Federation, local media reported on March 8.

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