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Turning ancient porcelain chips into art2018-02-11

Ancient porcelain chips might be treated as rubbish by most of us but an old man from Taicang turns them into exquisite art pieces.

Enjoy Liuhe town's cuisine culture in one store2018-02-09

Liuhe ancient town, a typical Chinese southern water town in Taicang, is named after the town's main river, Liuhe.

Deepen cooperation with Honeywell2018-02-09

Honeywell Performance Materials and Technologies has greatly contributed to Taicang's economic and social development, Party secretary of Taicang Shen Mi said on Feb 8.

Yangtze River Delta Research Institute unveiled2018-02-08

A Yangtze River Delta Research Institute was unveiled in Taicang, Jiangsu province on Feb 6, Taicang Daily reported.

Traditional local breakfast offers good start to the day2018-02-06

Wonton, fried twisted sticks, glutinous rice rolls and soybean milk are the most common breakfasts in Taicang.

Leaving a well-paid job to be a leather craftsman2018-02-05

A unique store comes into sight as you walk towards the memorial archway of ancient Liuhe town in Taicang.

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