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Redwood carver in Taicang named provincial talented person2018-01-08

Lu Jiazhong, a redwood carver in Taicang, was recently selected as a local talented person in Jiangsu province.

Intangible cultural heritage to be showcased in fair2017-05-05

The opening ceremony of the seventh culture show of the county-level city Taicang, where the city’s historical folk arts, customs and artifacts will be exhibited or performed, is scheduled to take place in the Tianjing Lake, Science and Education New Town, on May 6.

Steps to make Taicang rice wine2016-11-08

Steps to make original Taicang rice wine are unveiled.

Province honors Taicang's cultural legacy2016-01-26

Jiangsu provincial government recently announced a fourth group of 94 intangible cultural heritage items.

UK producer records Taicang's maritime culture2015-10-13

A small town on the Yangtze River estuary, Taicang's place in the history books of naval exploration is well documented; yet, it is unknown to most.

The last handmade wooden boat in Taicang2015-10-30

The 68-year-old Gao Dabao is said to be the last person in Taicang, Jiangsu province with the carpentry skill and knowledge of how to make wooden canoes.

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