Unique scenery weaved by bamboo | Updated: January 20, 2022

Wang Yaoliang weaves a basket with bamboo canes. [Photo/WeChat account: tcfbgw]

When the ancient street in Taicang's Shaxi town, Jiangsu province gradually quiets down during nights, a store for bamboo weaving items on the street still remains brightly lit.

For its owner Wang Yaoliang, bamboo weaving is more of a hobby than a job.

Wang's bamboo plaiting articles became popular among local residents for their durability and exquisite appearance.

However, with increasing numbers of other alternatives, less people turn to the old-fashioned articles and Wang's apprentices also switched to another profitable job.

Nevertheless, the handicraftman still stick to the ancient craftsmanship and as long as Wang gets one order, he completes it with his best efforts.

The basket plaited by Wang Yaoliang with bamboo canes. [Photo/WeChat account: tcfbgw]


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