Dubbed one of the world’s three greatest places to enjoy cherry blossoms, Turtle Head Isle is China’s largest single area of cherry blossoms, with more than 30,000 of the plants in 67 different varieties.

The annual Wuxi Taihu International Cherry Blossom Festival attracts many tourists each year, with domestic and overseas visitors arriving to view the panoramic sightseeing attractions, distinctive night-themed activities and culture demonstration events.

To celebrate the 100th anniversary of Turtle Head Isle, a whole range of cherry blossom-themed events have been organized at the scenic spot this year from March 10 to April 20.

  • Transportation

    Two shuttle buses every day from the intersection of Huanhu Road and Zhongnan West Road to the Chongshan Gate of the Turtle Head Isle Scenic Spot (Yuantouzhu) and the Guanshe Mountain Village on Huanhu Road to the Dushan Gate

    Service time: 07:30- 10:30; 13:00-16:00

  • Sightseeing routes

    Route 1 - 2 hours on foot

    Route 2 - 10 min by bus and 40 min on foot

    Route 3 - 1 hour on foot

    Route 4 - 20 min by bike

    Route 5 - By boat


    Renjie Garden


    Cherry Blossom Pavilion


    Yingyuan Bridge


    Changchun Blossom Ripple