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First Renmin Store 2018-02-28

Address: No 35 Pedestrian-Only Street, Shazhou Road, Downtown Tel: 0512-58222128

RT-MART 2018-02-28

Address: No 288, Shazhou Zhong Lu, Zhangjiagang. Tel: 86(512)5813 3658

A series of Fulinmen products 2018-02-01

Fulinmen aims at producing healthy products for people.

Glossy guidebook launched to attract tourists 2017-11-30

Zhangjiagang tourist bureau has recently released a glossy new guidebook –– the Zhangjiagang Impression.

Luyuanjiaohua Chicken 2017-11-30

The chicken was once selected as a tribute food for the Emperor in the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911).

Phoenix Peach 2017-11-30

Phoenix Peach has been dubbed the best peach in the city of Suzhou, Jiangsu province.

Liangfeng Chocolate 2017-11-30

Address: No 9, Zhenxing Road, Economic Development Zone, Downtown

Water-Soluble Pearl Powder 2017-11-30

Address: South of Sigang Township, Zhangjiagang City Tel: 0512-58545709

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