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Zhangjiagang celebrates 2024 Cultural and Natural Heritage Day with exciting events

LMS|June 5, 2024


An intangible cultural heritage event is held at a community in Zhangjiagang, Suzhou, Jiangsu province. [Photo/WeChat account: zhangjiagangfabu365]

In honor of China's Cultural and Natural Heritage Day on June 8, Zhangjiagang is set to host a series of vibrant activities featuring a diverse array of cultural experiences related to intangible cultural heritage.

At the Port Cultural Center of Fenghuang town from June 9 to 11, attendees will be able to enjoy an ICH market and Heyang folk song performances. The event will also include a zongzi making competition and shadow puppet shows.

An exhibition showcasing Zhangjiagang's ICH items and other handicrafts centered around legal culture will be held across the city until September.

On June 8, the Zhangjiagang Museum will host a bamboo weaving workshop, allowing participants to learn about the craft and its historical significance in Houcheng sub-district. The workshop includes an exhibition detailing Houcheng Bamboo Weaving's origins, characteristics, and techniques.

An exhibition on Chinese art at the Children's Library will display selected Chinese World Intangible Cultural Heritage items, aiming to deepen public understanding of China's intangible cultural assets.

From June to September, the Nanfeng Town Science and Culture Center will feature an exhibition of Jiangsu's local intangible cultural heritage items, offering residents a deeper appreciation of traditional culture.