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Spring-themed market delights visitors in Zhangjiagang

LMS|March 18, 2024


A spring-themed market takes place in Yangshe sub-district, Zhangjiagang. [WeChat account: zhangjiagangfabu365]

A spring-themed market took place from March 10 to 13 in Yangshe sub-district, Zhangjiagang, attracting locals and visitors alike. The market boasted over 50 stalls brimming with creative goods such as handmade crafts and aromatic spices.

On the first day of the event, professionals from the Zhangjiagang Orchid Association and a traditional Chinese teahouse were invited to host orchid appreciation and cultivation classes as well as incense appreciation sessions. Additionally, there was a folk culture exhibition showcasing intangible cultural heritage projects. A local band from Zhangjiagang performed a live concert, drawing a large crowd of spectators.


An orchid class is held during the event. [Photo/WeChat account: zhangjiagangfabu365]

The event provided a delightful fusion of cultural experiences and shopping opportunities, offering attendees a chance to immerse themselves in the spirit of spring while enjoying the diverse offerings of the market.


A local band from Zhangjiagang performs a live concert. [Photo/WeChat account: zhangjiagangfabu365]