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Zhangjiagang plum blossom festival attracts visitors with unique experiences

LMS|February 27, 2024


Plum blossoms on Xiangshan Mountain in Zhangjiagang, Suzhou bloom. [Photo/Suzhou Daily]

The Zhangjiagang Xiangshan Mountain Plum Blossom Festival kicked off on Feb 18, drawing numerous visitors to admire the blossoms. The event is scheduled to run through March 19.

Covering an area of over 300 mu (20 hectares), the Plum Ridge of Xiangshan Mountain boasts upwards of 10,000 plum trees of various species. As temperatures rise, the trees gradually enter their peak blooming period.

Since its inception in 2016, the plum blossom festival has attracted tens of thousands of visitors annually. This year's festival features over 10 activities, including AI-powered photography, lantern riddle guessing, and bookmark crafting.

Zhu Wei, a staff member at Zhangjiagang Shuangshan Xiangshan Cultural Tourism Co, said that this year's festival aims to provide interactive surprises for visitors through traditional folk performances. Tourists can enjoy delectable food and participate in various handcraft activities such as making scented candles, sugar-coated haws on a stick, and stone rubbing.