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Chrysanthemum exhibition in Zhangjiagang draws crowds

LMS|November 21, 2023


A variety of chrysanthemums were displayed during the 25th Chrysanthemum Exhibition in Zhangjiagang. [Photo/]

After a month-long run, the 25th Chrysanthemum Exhibition in Zhangjiagang recently concluded at the Liangfeng Ecological Park. Nearly 450,000 people flocked to admire the more than 40,000 chrysanthemum pots.

In the northern lawn of the ecological park, visitors not only had the opportunity to appreciate the vibrant chrysanthemum displays but also to savor chrysanthemum-flavored tea and pastries.

Wei Hongyu, director of the Kaifeng Chrysanthemum Research Institute, was also invited to explain the cultural significance, varieties, and cultivation methods of chrysanthemums for visitors.

Adding an educational touch to the festivities, some young participants, guided by their teachers, created diverse artworks featuring the flowers.

One highlight of the event involved horticulturist Yu Junfang, who shared insights into the art of flower arrangement. Covering topics such as flower material shaping and pruning, Yu imparted knowledge on floral artistry and instructed participants in basic flower arrangement techniques.


Participants learn about flower arrangement during the exhibition. [Photo/]