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Houcheng sub-district

LMS|September 21, 2023

In March 2021, the Jiangsu Provincial People's Government approved the establishment of Houcheng sub-district, situated in the western outskirts of Zhangjiagang. It borders Yangshe town to the east, Huashi town in Jiangyin to the south, Jingang sub-district to the west, and Deji sub-district to the north.

The sub-district currently covers an administrative area of 38.92 square kilometers, with a registered population of 52,200 residents and a permanent population of 81,200 people.

Houcheng boasts a rich history and diverse culture and is renowned for its Shazhou Youhuang yellow rice wine, plum cakes, mutton dishes, and Majianjiao, a kind of dim sum. Provincial cultural heritage items include the craftsmanship of yellow wine, Leigou fabric production, and Houcheng bamboo weaving.