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Fenghuang town

LMS|September 1, 2023


Fenghuang town. [Photo provided to]

Fenghuang town is located in the south of Zhangjiagang, covering an area of 78.8 square kilometers. It has won National Top Thousand Town, China's Environmental Beautiful Town, China's Famous History and Cultural Town, China's Hometown of Wu Song, National Health Town and Nation Class AAAA Scenic Spot titles.

The town features three large-scale economic industries manufacturing new materials, new equipment and new energy, and it is now rapidly rising into a modern service sector town based on tourism with ancient towns, hot springs, temples, mountains and rivers.

The town was listed as National Pilot for Small Town Development & Reform, Jiangsu Pilot for Strong Town and Enlarging Power Reform, Suzhou Pilot for Beautiful Town. It was included in the World Heritage tentative list of the Jiangnan Water Area.