Zhangjiagang unveils extensive measures to enhance business environment

LMS|August 9, 2023

Zhangjiagang, a county-level city known for its economic vibrancy, has taken a significant step towards further enhancing its business environment by releasing the "2023 Major Task List for Optimizing the Business Environment" on Aug 5.

The comprehensive plan focuses on five key areas – policies, market, government affairs, rule of law, and culture, and comprises 87 measures spanning 26 aspects. It is aimed at boosting vitality among market entities and transforming Zhangjiagang into a popular investment destination for domestic and international high-quality enterprises.

In order to facilitate market access and withdrawal, the city will remove more restrictions related to market entry and abolish registration requirements for foreign trade businesses.

Furthermore, Zhangjiagang has prioritized the reduction of financing costs for market entities. In this pursuit, enhanced financial support will be provided for diverse sectors, including small and micro-sized enterprises, technological innovation, and green finance. Efforts to digitize intellectual property assets will also be made.

In the meantime, aiming to create an environment that is conducive to innovation, Zhangjiagang will foster the growth of innovative entities and promote the sharing of research and development resources.

The city is also dedicated to enhancing the ease of services for foreign professionals seeking employment within its borders. By elevating the level of convenience and support available to foreign workers, Zhangjiagang aims to attract a diverse pool of talent.