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Guide to financial support application

LMS|March 12, 2021

The government of Zhangjiagang has rolled out a series of measures to help local companies get through the ongoing virus prevention and control period, which may have an adverse effect on business.

The following is a guide on how to apply for financial support. For more details, please call 0512-58236726.

1. Application for financing with low interest rates

Eligible applicants: Micro, small and medium-sized companies, agricultural companies looking to receive no more than 3 million yuan ($431,100) Deadline: The end of the outbreak

Hotline: 0512-58228252 (city finance office)


2. Application for government's special financial supports

Eligible applicants: Key anti-epidemic companies with national approval, small and medium-sized companies that produce essential supplies amid epidemic, small and micro-sized companies in foreign trade and service industries that are severely impacted

Due date: May 7, 2020

Hotlines: 0512-58221091 (city finance office) 0512-58222024 (city development and reform commission) 0512-56729102 (city industry and information technology bureau)


3. Application for loan extension

Eligible applicants: Small and medium-sized companies impacted by the COVID-19 outbreak

Deadline: May 7, 2020

Hotlines: 0512-58221091 (city finance office) 0512-58135908 (Zhangjiagang branch of People's Bank of China) 0512-58286851 (Zhangjiagang branch of Suzhou banking and insurance regulatory bureau)