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Taicang releases 2013 statistical yearbook2015-08-06

Recently, a 2013 Taicang statistical yearbook edited by the Taicang municipal statistics bureau was published. It records Taicang’s economic and social development in 2012 using statistical data.

Local products of Taicang to go on sale on Taobao2015-08-06

Taobao launched its specialty store for Taicang local products on Aug 14. Customers can soon buy products from Taicang on Taobao.

Outsourcing of service industry booms in Taicang2015-08-06

Outsourcing of the service industry is key to the service industry in Taicang, which has already attracted many corporations. Although Sai Ya Biology has only been operating since the end of last year, it has more than 2,000 customers.

Private economy2015-08-06

Taicang witnessed the incorporation of 1,424 new private enterprises and 4,916 individually-owned businesses, with a net increase of 5.48 billion yuan in registered capital.

Transport and postal service2015-08-06

Projects to renovate cargo distribution expressways and the Yanglintang waterway and to extend the No 339 Provincial Highway eastward were accelerated in 2012.

Export-oriented economy2015-08-06

Registered foreign investment reached $1.61 billion, and actual transferred foreign investment reached $810 million in 2012. There were 53 newly-approved foreign investment projects each with an investment of over 10 million yuan.

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