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Traditional temple fair held in ancient village in Zhangjiagang



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A parade is held during the temple fair. [Photo/WeChat account: zjgwtgl]


Jincun Temple Fair, also known as the Yongchang Temple Fair, kicked off in Jincun village, Zhangjiagang, Suzhou, Jiangsu province on May 26.


The three-day temple fair, usually held around the eighth day of the fourth lunar month, features public memorial ceremonies, folk performances, parades, fairs, and intangible cultural heritage exhibitions. It is tradition for families near Jin Village to prepare delicious dishes to welcome friends and relatives who partake in the festive occasion.


After the opening ceremony, artistic troupes comprising more than 500 members took turns giving performances including dragon and lion dances, yangko, and stilt walking, showcasing the charm of folk culture.


Over 700 stalls offering a wide variety of local specialties were set up during the temple fair. Visitors had the opportunity to purchase unique products, such as steamed cakes, tiger-head shoes, sugar paintings, whistling kites, and dried tofu.


The Jincun Temple Fair Forum, organized by the Jiangsu Provincial Intangible Cultural Heritage Protection Center, was held at the Tangqiao Cultural Center on the same day.

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