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Metal artifacts exhibition to be held in Zhangjiagang



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Seven metal kettles are displayed on a shelf. [Photo/WeChat account: zjgwtgl]

An exhibition of metal artworks from the Yangtze River basin will be held at the Zhangjiagang Museum in Zhangjiagang, Suzhou, East China's Jiangsu province from Aug 28 to Sept 28.

The exhibition will feature 179 works from 13 provinces and municipalities along the Yangtze River. Seventy-two of the exhibits are national-level intangible cultural heritages and 74 are of the provincial level.

A live streaming session of the exhibition will be hosted by the curator Dai Heng, and an online talk show themed on the cultural and historical value of the exhibits will also be held.

Organized by the Publicity Department of the CPC Jiangsu Provincial Committee, the Jiangsu Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism, as well as the Suzhou Municipal People's Government, the exhibition is aimed at preserving and promoting the Yangtze River culture.

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