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New train route from Zhangjiagang to Beijing launched



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Zhangjiagang Railway Station. [Photo/WeChat accoount: zhangjiagangfabu365]


New train routes from Zhangjiagang Railway Station to Beijing South Railway Station went into operation on Jan 20, greatly reducing the travel time from Zhangjiagang to Beijing.


The trains numbered G887/888 will leave from Beijing South Railway Station at 7:34 am daily, arrive at Zhangjiagang Railway Station at 1:23 pm, and return to Beijing South Railway Station at 1:45 pm.


There are 13 stops along the G888 route, including Yancheng Railway Station, Suqian Railway Station, Xuzhoudong Railway Station, and Tianjinnan Railway Station. The G887 route has 11 stations on it, including Beijing South Railway Station, Langfang Railway Station, Jinan West Railway Station, and Nantong West Railway Station.


Zhangjiagang Railway Station, the departure station of the train routes, is one of the few county-level stations in China and the second county-level station in Jiangsu province. In addition, there are 51 new trains in this station, which can transport passengers to 16 provinces, 4 municipalities, and 82 prefecture-level cities, serving about 1.3 million passengers in the second half of 2020.


It is expected that Zhangjiagang Railway Station will become an important traffic hub linking East China and North China in the future.

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