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Zhangjiagang stimulate consumption with free coupons



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Zhangjiagang will distribute 30 million yuan ($4.26 million) in coupons to stimulate consumption and mitigate the impact of the novel coronavirus outbreak, local media reported on April 6.

People can apply for the coupons between April 7 and 12:00 on April 13 by downloading and registering on the latest version of the “今日张家港” (Zhangjiagang Today) app.

A coupon lottery will be held on April 8, 11 and 14. The coupons will be issued within 24 hours after the results are announced.

In addition, local commercial centers will hold a variety of promotional activities to attract consumers.

For example, 400 coupons worth 50 yuan each will be given out every day at Wanda Square from April 1 to 30, consumers will be able to enjoy up to 30 percent discounts on spring products at the No 1 People’s Department Store, the Commercial Mansion held a “spend 500 yuan get a 50 yuan rebate” promotion on April 8, and Yangshe Old Street also gave out coupons on April 8.

In addition, at Wuyue Square people can buy new spring products at a price of just 9.9 yuan each at all catering businesses, and pay just one yuan for a 40 yuan food coupon after spending more than 100 yuan or a 20 yuan food coupon after spending more than 50 yuan. Customers can also park for free for up to four hours.

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