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Take a peek at modern drama performances



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A total of 12 small theater items in nine creative art forms covering hilarious drama, music drama, children's drama and black comedy are staged in Zhangjiagang from Nov 3 to 17, attracts many audience attention.

Out of Control future

The Children's Drama, Out of Control future, is adapted from the science fiction series Dinoman. It mainly tells the story of dinosaur man, an advanced intelligent creature that lived 65 million years ago. [Photo/We Chat Account:zjgpoly]

Sailor Mystery

Music Drama Sailor Mystery talks about a dramatic story related to sailing. It refers to man to commit an act of folly that cost him and his ship their lives in darkness and mystery. [Photo/We Chat Account:zjgpoly]

Artificial Loneliness

The psychological drama, Artificial Loneliness, aims to help audiences open themselves and relax themselves though dance. [Photo/We Chat Account:zjgpoly]

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