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Top executives share views on development of Jingang town

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Updated: 2019-04-09

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A promotional conference was held in Zhangjiagang Free Trade Zone (Jingang town) on April 9. Sixteen top executives from foreign companies were invited to discuss how best to promote the town's development.

Participants watched a promotional video and learned about the city’s innovative, green and high-quality development results over the past few years.

Zhangjiagang enjoys a beautiful nature environment, high-quality services and strong preferential policies which create a superior investment environment for foreign companies.

As witnesses to the city’s development, foreign companies will also give full play to their resource advantages to promote its industrial policies and step up contributions to the high-quality development of the port city.

To date, Zhangjiagang city has 992 foreign-invested companies, with an actual utilized foreign capital volume of $ 8.54 billion.

Zhangjiagang Free Trade Zone has lured more than 30 fortune 500 companies such as Dupont, Honeywell International and Dow Chemical Company and has become an increasingly high-end industry cluster area alongside the Yangtze River.


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