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Transportation to Zhangjiagang


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【Air Traffic】

There are three airports (Shanghai Hongqiao Airport, Shanghai Pudong Airport, Wuxi Shuofang Airport) located close to Zhangjiagang. Buses travel between the airports and downtown. The bus terminal is located at the Hezhong Travel Service Center (No 228 Jiyang Middle Road, opposite Jiangzhou Hotel). To learn more about the bus service, visitors can call: 86 (0512) 58131179. Travelers can also take a taxi to the service center. Travel time only takes an hour and a half to reach the center. In Zhangjiagang, tourists can buy air tickets to anywhere in China.

Air Ticket Agency

Yong’an Air Ticket Agency

Address: No 323-5 Shazhou Middle Road

Tel:86 (512) 5810 8500

Shenzhen Airlines Corporation

Address: No 318 Chang’an Middle Road

Tel: 86 (512) 5897 5100

Hezhong Travel Service Corporation

Address: No 228 Jiyang Middle Road

Tel: 86 (512) 5822 4682

China Eastern Airlines

Address: Ground floor of Henglong Plaza, Renmin Middle Road

Tel: 86 (512) 5898 3833

【Railway Traffic】

There are four railway stations (Shanghai Station, Suzhou Station, Wuxi Station, Nantong Station) located near Zhangjiagang. It is only 30 minutes by bus from Zhangjiagang to Suzhou Station and Wuxi Station. In Zhangjiagang, tourists can buy railway tickets to anywhere in China.

Railway Ticket Agency

Shanghai Hualian Ticket Agency

Address: No 29-31 Jingang Road

Tel: 86 (512) 5825 4980

Hezhong Travel Service Corporation

Address: No 228 Jiyang Middle Road

Tel: 86 (512) 5822 4682

【Highway Traffic】

The highways in and around Zhangjiagang extend in all directions. The 204 National Highway, 338 National Highway, Yanjiang Highway, Wuxi Highway and Suyuzhang Highway extend east to west and connect north and south. There are three highway exits (Zhangjiagang, Luyuan, Fenghuang) leading to Zhangjiagang. Two passenger transport stations located in Zhangjiagang have buses that travel to and from all large and medium-sized cities in China.

Telephone for long-distance passenger transport station: 86 (512) 5868 8000

Telephone for Gangcheng bus station: 86 (512) 5825 5200

【Waterway Traffic】

There are two ferry ports that connect the two banks of the Yangtze River in Zhangjiagang. They are Quannie Ferry Port and Tongsha Ferry Port.

Telephone for Quannie Ferry Port: 86 (512) 5893 7550

Telephone for Tongsha Ferry Port: 86 (512) 5857 1967

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