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Foreign teachers experience 'a day in the life' at rural school in Nanfeng

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Updated: 2016-05-17

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A group of 12 foreign teachers from Suzhou Lida Middle School were recently invited to join in an exchange program to experience a day teaching at Nanfeng Middle School.

On the day, overseas teachers from England gave English language lessons to 24 classes. The atmosphere was bubbly and the students were giggling and in high spirits as the teachers introduced aspects of British life and customs with their native tongue and sense of humor.

In gym class, the teachers took part in sports competitions and games such as table tennis, exercises and even hand wrestling to the delight of the students.

The local English teachers at Nanfeng Middle School also met with native English teachers exploring teaching methods and exchanging experiences, after which they gave embroidery works and greeting cards as gifts.

The exchange project launched by Nanfeng Middle School aims at strengthening educational research, enhancing teaching levels and promoting cooperation between regional schools.

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