Key components of Xiaomi SU7 supplied by Taicang firms | Updated: April 3, 2024

The first electric vehicle launched by Xiaomi Corp, the SU7, has several core components supplied by automotive parts companies in Taicang, a county-level city in Suzhou, Jiangsu province.

The electric drive system motor and electronic control for the SU7 come from United Automotive Electronic Systems Co Ltd (UAES)'s Taicang branch.

"We mainly provide SU7 core electric drive assemblies. We have a dedicated production line for them, which has entered the mass production stage," said Han Yun, manufacturing operations manager at UAES.

UAES became a supplier for Xiaomi due to the advanced capabilities of its products. "The maximum motor speed of the electric drive assembly we supply to Xiaomi can reach 21,000 rpm. It is our first cloud-connected electric drive with big data, capable of real-time self-diagnosis and updates," Han added.

Schaeffler Group provides wheel hub bearings for Xiaomi's cars. Lyu Hongbo, senior manager of the wheel hub bearing department at Schaeffler's Taicang manufacturing base, said, "The wheel hub bearings we supply to Xiaomi use Schaeffler's patented section spline technology and perform excellently in terms of friction and torque and are lightweight and energy-efficient."

Over 90 percent of companies in Taicang currently participate in the Yangtze River Delta region's complete vehicle factory supply system. Over 75 percent of the city's large-scale automotive parts companies have supply and demand relationships with domestic and foreign vehicle manufacturers, including SAIC, Volkswagen, Tesla, and BYD. In the 2023 list of the global top 100 automotive parts suppliers, 12 well-known companies have established operations in the city.


A wheel bearing produced by Schaeffler. [Photo/WeChat account: tcfbgw]