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Taicang unveils annual chrysanthemum show

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Updated: 2016-11-02

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The Chrysanthemum signifies nobleness and longevity in Chinese culture, and it has been a time-honored tradition to enjoy chrysanthemum blossoms in autumn.

But for locals in Taicang, a city in East China’s Jiangsu province, chrysanthemum appreciation is also closely related to a legendary garden.

Taicang unveils annual chrysanthemum show

Colorful chrysanthemums attract Taicang natives in Nanyuan Garden. [Photo/Taicang Daily]

The city's Nanyuan Garden was originally built in the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644) was for a high government official, Wang Xijue, to attend to government affairs in a beautiful, aesthetic setting of plum trees and chrysanthemums.

Now, the private garden has become Taicang's best site for hosting the annual flower show.

Due to unfavorable weather this autumn, Nanyuan Garden delayed its staging of the annual chrysanthemum show, which started on Oct 27 and will last for one month.

The best time to appreciate these Taicang-nurtured flowers is believed to be mid-November.

Taicang unveils annual chrysanthemum show

Tao Hong Liu Lv is a special type of chrysanthemum, with pink outer petals and light green inner petals. [Photo/Taicang Daily]

More than 20,000 potted plants and over 100 types of chrysanthemums are on display, scattered throughout the ancient garden, shaded by winding corridors of ancient osmanthus trees.

The exhibition area is reminiscent in style of a traditional Chinese painting. The exhibitions halls are named after chrysanthemums and flowers line both sides of the outdoor paths.

He Mei Xian Guan (the pavilion with plum blossoms and cranes) houses Chinese screens, rockery stones and vine plants, creating an ideal atmosphere to enjoy chrysanthemums.

Taicang unveils annual chrysanthemum show

Another special type of chrysanthemum integrates hues of red and yellow. [Photo/Taicang Daily]

For the popularization of the chrysanthemum, a special venue is also set where every potted flower it tied with its own tag.

Nanyuan Garden will not add its regular entrance fee of 25 yuan during the flower show. Students can still enjoy a half discount. A 20 percent discount will also be provided for online bookings. http://www.ly.com/scenery/BookSceneryTicket_26772.html?spm=4.68076441.10806.1&track=true

Opening hours: 7:30 am to 5:00 pm