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Exhibition promotes Taicang at SH Pudong Int'l Airport

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Updated: 2016-10-10

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Taicang of East China's Jiangsu province, has established an exhibition to promote itself at Shanghai Pudong International Airport. The new exhibition opened at the airport on Oct 1.

Exhibition promotes Taicang at SH Pudong Int'l Airport

Taicang exhibition room is decorated with traditional carved window frames. [Photo/Wechat: tcfbwx]

Taicang is aiming to improve its international image and attract more investment through photographs and handcrafts of local culture, while also serving as a warm up for Taicang's investment promotional activity in Shanghai on Oct 13.

The exhibition is near Gate 81 in the International Departures section of Terminal 2, right opposite the Sunrise Duty Free store. The display will last until the end of December 2016.

The 20-sq-m showroom is designed with traditional carved windowsills, with four different themed divisions: natural landscapes, a home for German companies, the four seasons of Taicang, and the Maritime Silk Road in Taicang.

Pictures at the exhibition vividly demonstrate Taicang's economic development, natural beauty and historical culture. Lacquer paintings and wheat straw paintings are also displayed, further showcasing local features.

Exhibition promotes Taicang at SH Pudong Int'l Airport

Traditional handmade items inform visitors about the culture of Taicang. [Photo/Wechat: tcfbwx]

According to staff at the exhibition, during China's National Day holiday from Oct 1 to 7, an average of 60,000 visitors flocked to the show each day.

Exhibition promotes Taicang at SH Pudong Int'l Airport

Foreigners leave their good wishes to Taicang in the official guestbook. [Photo/Wechat: tcfbwx]

Many visitors left their good wishes for Taicang in the guestbook, with many expressing their enthusiasm for learning about the city through the airport exhibition.