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Nantong Economic and Technological Development Area has mapped out an overall plan developing targets for economic and social progress during the 12th Five-year Plan period (2011-2015) by taking into consideration future development trends, conditions and requirements. These targets include an improvement in economic capacity and innovation, as well as international competitiveness and development sustainability; basic modernization to be achieved firstly in Nantong, rivaling the top 20 national level development zones; an advanced industrial cluster area to be developed; and a pioneering area for scientific innovation, a demonstration area for system innovation and a modern new town to be formed.

The concrete objectives comprise the following:

A major boost to economic growth .

The main economic development indexes should increase far higher than that of Nantong’s average level. The regional gross domestic products should grow by about 20 percent annually from the current output values, reaching 80 billion yuan by 2015. The per capita regional gross domestic product should exceed 300,000 yuan. The gross output value of industrial enterprises above designated scales should amount to 240 billion yuan, increasing by 25 percent annually on average. Foreign investments should average above 800 million U.S. dollars annually, and the total of imports and exports should accumulate to 20 billion U.S. dollars. The total cumulative investment in fixed assets will exceed 150 billion yuan, increasing by 30 percent annually on average. Total fiscal revenues will amount to 18 billion yuan, increasing by 23 percent annually on average. Some local revenue will reach 7 billion yuan, increasing by 23 percent annually.

Continually optimize industrial structure.

By 2015, the high-tech industrial output should reach 120 billion yuan, accounting for over 50 percent of the industrial output of scaled enterprises. The added values in the service industry will attain 18 billion yuan, increasing by 23 percent of the regional total output values, which will be up by two percentage points annually. The emerging industries should take 40 percent of the industrial output values among scaled enterprises. The development zone will set up a modern industrial system that is dominated by high-tech industries, which are based on advanced manufacturing industries, and supported by a modern service industry.

Incessantly enhance innovation capacity.

The funds for research and development have amounted to four percent of GDP in the development zone, which has 50 high-tech companies and 230 scaled companies. It has attracted, cultivated, and extended key support to 300 technological innovation talents. It has 3,500 patents, including 10 percent for inventions.

Markedly improve the city image.

The development zone has fully promoted construction in the Nengda business district and Suzhou--Nantong technology industrial park and has kept improving on spatial distribution within the zone. A modern transportation network has been established and traffic conditions have been improved. Water, electricity and heating support facilities have been elevated. The green ratio has amounted to 45 percent of the zone. It has vigorously boosted the low-carbon economy and the regional economy has been given a vigorous boost. Unit GDP energy consumption and main pollution emissions have been drastically reduced. The industrial park will be constructed into a national level eco-park.

Markedly improve people’s living standards.

Modern education will be improved greatly. Senior high school education and higher education will reach 99.9 percent and 80 percent of the population respectively. Basic old-age pensions, medical insurance and unemployment insurance now cover all urban residents. Social security for low-income people and the social relief system have been improved. Sufficient opportunities for finding jobs and established businesses have been provided. Double living allowances to dispossessed farmers have also been taken into account. The Nantong development area is launching a project to double resident incomes in five years, striving to make urban residents have 45,000 yuan per capita in disposable income and rural residents to have 23,000 yuan per capita net income by 2015.

Comprehensively strengthen social management. The development zone has mounted a new step in constructing a peaceful and lawful region. The mechanism for democracy and legal system has been improved and innovation for social management has been deepened. The quality of life will be comprehensively improved and the construction of a harmonious society will be propelled forward.

  • The NETDA Free Trade Zone got the original go-ahead, on Jan 3, 2013, from the State Council, for a 5.29-sq-km area, in two parts.

  • Suzhou-Nantong science & technology industrial park

  • Equipment manufacturing industrial park

  • Urban-rural commercial zone

  • Nengda central business district

  • New materials industrial park

  • Medical treatment & health industrial park

  • Sci-tech industrial park

  • Precision machinery industrial park

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