Blooming flowers in Suzhou

By Feng Hui (

Updated: 2014-02-28

The beauty of spring lies in flowers. The charm of Suzhou’s spring also comes from flowers. Suzhou’s flowers are in full bloom. Below are some places to appreciate Suzhou’s flowers in spring.

Plum blossoms

Blooming flowers in Suzhou

The first choice to appreciate plum blossoms in Suzhou is Taihu Lake, famous for its size and variety of plum blossom trees. The Hornsey Sea, or the sea of fragrant snow, in Guangfu town is renowned for its long history and profound culture. It is listed as one of four traditional resorts for appreciating plum blossoms.

Time: Until the end of March

Venue: Jinting town and Guangfu town

Huqiu flower fair

Blooming flowers in Suzhou

The flower fair is held annually in Huqiu after the Taihu Lake Plum Blossom Festival, which is also an important part of Suzhou’s tourism brand.

Time: From mid-March to mid-April

Venue: Huqiu scenic area

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